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Patient Testimonials

K. H. from New Lennox, IL

I was diagnosed with a pineal blastphoma cancerous brain tumor my sophomore year of college. I was 19 years old. I was forced to exit school for the whole year for treatment. I underwent 3 operations to diagnose the specific type of tumor and place shunts to relieve pressure that was causing severe headaches. I went through 4 cycles of chemotherapy, 31 radiation treatments and a stem cell transplant.

I thought I was doing better until September of 2007 when the tumor came back. I lost nearly 80 pounds and felt the cancer was winning, taking my life away. I was given 6 months to live.

I heard about the Medical Center not disclosed for privacy. Dr. Private and his staff explained Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) to me in detail. He and his staff discussed an appropriate diet and the use of the mineral supplement, Cesium, to help raise my body's pH to help fight my cancer.

I noticed a marked improvement in my symptoms after just two UBI treatments. My strength improved and I was able to walk without a wheel chair. My headaches went away and my appetite improved. I have gained 24 pounds since starting my treatments.

My latest MRI showed regression of my brain tumor. This was the first improvement my doctors have seen. My oncologist in Private was amazed at the improvements on my MRI and how I looked and felt. He could not explain the improvement, but felt the UBI treatment plan must be helping.

I have completed my initial course of treatment and now just receive maintenance treatments. I am feeling stronger and stronger and optimistic about my future for the first time in over two years.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Private and the Medical Center not disclosed for privacy staff. Dr. Private is always there for us and the staff is just the best. Private is my UBI specialist and is such as source of reassurance and information. The entire staff is dedicated to our care and we always feel we are a priority when we are in the office.

I love and thank them every day for coming into our lives and offering to help.
K.H. - New Lennox, IL

Mothers Testimonials

B. H. from New Lennox, IL

This is a success story about my daughter and hero, K.H. She was diagnosed back in September of 2006 with a malignant brain tumor. She underwent 3 head operations; the first a biopsy to determine the type of tumor she had; second a VP shunt to alleviate the spinal fluid back-up that was causing her headaches and the third, a programmable shunt to distribute the chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells that were leaking into her spinal fluid from this brain tumor. She has gone through what I would call HELL, the three operations mentioned above, 31 treatments of radiation and four vicious cycles of chemotherapy that kept her in the hospital 15 days out of each month. After that, she went through a stem cell transplant which left her in the hospital for yet another 23 days.

The bad news hit us in September of 2007 when they told us that the tumor was back. She fought again, and this time through a clinical trial which basically ended up to be the same treatment as the chemotherapy, but only with pills.

After I watched my daughter wither away to 100 pounds, I talked her into stopping all chemotherapy and seeing Dr. Private at the Medical Center not disclosed for privacy. My best friend's Aunt suggested I contact a gentleman by the name of Private who had a medical device that filtered ultraviolet light into the blood stream that would stop any type of cancer in the body. I contacted him and doctors immediately set my daughter up on the cesium/vitamin program diet as well as the UBI treatments.

K. H. started the UBI treatments in January of 2008. Her tumor has remained stable which has astonished her doctors. She is still on a maintenance program at the Medical Center not disclosed for privacy, going once a month for the UBI treatments and we are praying and hoping that with her next MRI scheduled that the tumor will be gone. As of this date her weight is back up to 125 pounds and she is doing great.

I cannot say enough about the Medical Center not disclosed for privacy. Dr. Private is always there for us and the staff is absolutely wonderful, especially Private, the infusion specialist, who is an absolute sweetheart, always making sure my daughter has the best care possible, and how can I forget Private, the man who started this whole thing and got me to drive my daughter from New Lennox, Illinois to Private every week for ten weeks.

We love and thank you all very much,
B. H. mother

Patient Testimonials

S. H. from Lansing, MI

I was struggling with sinus disease for months using antibiotics prescribed by an ENT doctor. Dr. Private suggested trying UBI. After my first UBI treatment, my sense of smell was restored!

I am happy to say that after 4 UBI treatments, my ENT has noticed a considerable improvement with my sinuses. I am thankful to Dr. Private and all the staff there!

Thank you!

Patient Testimonials

N.E. from northern Michigan

I am a 71 year old man who resides in northern Michigan. In September of 2008 I was diagnosed with colon/rectal cancer. I underwent surgery to remove the cancer from my colon and rectum. Prior to surgery I underwent a course of chemotherapy and radiation therapy for six weeks.

After the surgery, I was hospitalized for 4 weeks due to a bacterial infections. I was discharged with a colostomy bag not feeling very good.

I underwent another 6 weeks of chemotherapy after the surgery which left me very weak and feeling ill. My oncologist wanted to continue the chemotherapy but I felt I needed to look at an alternative. My weight had decreased from 171 to 130 pounds and my overall health had deteriorated to the point that I could not go through with a needed surgery to improve the blood flow in my leg. I was taking 14 different medications at this point in time.

In October of 2009 I began Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) treatments at the Medical Center not disclosed for privacy. Dr. Private initially evaluated me and recommended a course of treatment. I traveled 180 miles each way once weekly to receive these treatments. After my first treatment the discomfort in my leg from the peripheral artery disease began to improve and my energy began to come back!

After completing the initial course of 10 UBI treatments my vascular surgeon and oncologist performed tests to evaluate my vascular disease and cancer status. These tests revealed there was no evidence of cancer remaining in my body and my vascular system had improved to a point where I did not require surgery. I have been able to stop nearly all of my prescription medications and feel the best I have in years!

I feel great and am back to my normal weight. I am sure UBI therapy was a large part of my recovery.
I highly recommend UBI therapy and would be happy to talk to anyone regarding this procedure and benefits. I am convinced that UBI therapy removed the cancer cells from my body and unquestionably improved the vascular disease in my legs!

Patient Testimonials

Jim from Northern Ohio

In 1998, I was diagnosed with progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I was given different Interferon medications. My symptoms were not subsiding. I tried acupuncture, apitherapy, and zone and water diets. In 2004 I lost my balance often and had a hard time speaking and seeing. I lost most of my sight in my left eye and my legs were in constant pain. It felt as if a hot skewer went through my muscles. The pain was constant and excruciating. My hands and arms ached constantly. I came to the Medical Center not disclosed for privacy in 2007. After the 3rd Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) treatment, the pain in my legs was gone. After the 5th treatment, my eyesight in my left eye became clearer and after the 7th treatment my balance is returning. After the 10th treatment, I went to have a new MRI taken to compare with my 2004 MRI to show what common sense and prayer can do to an autoimmune disease. I believe the UBI treatment was the main reason. I can see.

J. G. from Northern Ohio

Patient Testimonials

L. C. from Lansing, MI

I came to Dr. Private with extreme fatigue and anxiety...I was sure that I had an underactive thyroid, but my regular physicians were sure that the levels were low, but not abnormal. During my initial visit at the Medical Center not disclosed for privacy, I was immediately at ease with Dr. Private and his staff. I spent a great deal of time with Dr. Private (more so than with any other doctor I've ever seen). We decided on a treatment plan to increase my energy, decrease my anxiety and increase my overall health. My other major reason for coming to Dr. Private was to prepare to become pregnant. I am now so much more energetic, much less anxious and eternally grateful for Dr. Private’s help to better my health.

I used to take a nap every day (I am only 26!) and now I can get through the day with no assistance from sleep. That is a huge improvement for me, and as I get healthier, I feel so much better and in more control of my life!

L. C. from Lansing, MI

Patient Testimonials

S. W. from Okemos, MI

I came to the Medical Center not disclosed for privacy because I felt my doctor was not listening to me and was just giving me prescriptions to treat my symptoms, but not finding the CAUSE of the symptoms. I was always tired, retained water, cried easily and was gaining weight. I basically felt much older than my age. Dr. Private diagnosed me as being estrogen dominant (a hormone imbalance), having low thyroid and adrenal fatigue. He also did allergy testing, as I had been on antihistamines for sinus problems for years. I could pinpoint certain times of the year that I would have a sinus infection or bronchitis. I tested positive for 23 of the 48 allergens tested. I have not taken my Zyrtec in over six months. I can smell for the first time in years!
I love the fact that Dr. Private treats primarily with UBI, natural supplements, bioidentical hormones, and sublingual drops instead of injections. I am feeling much better; have more energy, my cognitive skills have improved and I feel as though he has given me my life back. The brain fog is lifting, finally!

I wish more physicians would look to nutrition and natural cures for many health problems rather than pharmaceuticals.

S.W. - patient since 2/2007

Patient Testimonials

D. H. from Columbus, OH

I was diagnosed 9 years ago with prostate, bone, and lymph node cancer. I received Lupron and Codex treatments with not much success. Seven years ago I learned about Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation. Four treatments and my doctors told me the cancer was now undetectable. I have maintained 3 or 4 treatments a year. Bone scans and bone density tests don't even score on hip or pelvic as was shone on prostate scan 1000 pictures. I am so thankful to Dr. Private for having these medical devices available at this office.
I feel good and look forward to being there again.

D.H. from Columbus, OH.

Patient Testimonials

Connie from Sioux City, IA

I had extreme allergies to smoke, chocolate, perfume, caffeine and alcohol. If I was near any smoke or someone who had smoked, I could not breathe and lost my voice for several hours. Chocolate gave me a migraine headache. Caffeine and alcohol sent my nerves sky high. I was told to stay away from those things, which can be hard sometimes. I was told nothing could be done and "learn to live with it."

After only 3 Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation treatments, my allergies were cured! Someone was within five feet of me smoking and I didn't have an attack. I ate chocolate and had some wine and nothing happened! I had no reaction to them. It is wonderful to not have to wonder when my allergies are going to kick in.

Connie from Sioux City, Iowa

Patient Testimonials

B.G. from Michigan

Labor Day weekend 2008 - my life drastically changed. I was told I had stage 2 uterine Cancer and was scheduled for immediate radical surgery. Two weeks later with my surgery complete, I went from stage 2 to stage 3. I was devastated. The surgery had been more extensive than I had planned and now my oncologist was recommending six months of chemotherapy. He also wanted me off work for a total of 8 months. He said they would implant a port in my chest to administer the chemo and I should expect hair loss, vomiting, bloating, neuropathy, possibly permanent nerve damage in my hands and feet, etc.....

So I explored other options.

A good friend of our family had received UBI treatments when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He has been cancer free for 2 years with no surgery and no drugs. He suggested Dr. Private. I called and scheduled an evaluation and my first UBI appointment for September 29, 2008. Dr. Private also suggested a high alkaline diet and cesium protocol. I strictly followed the diet, supplementation and UBI. After 13 UBI treatments, my oncologist repeated a series of blood work and CT scans and on January 16, 2009, I was told I'm cancer free. My oncologist was amazed - he was not happy that I didn't follow his chemo recommendation. But, here I am, cancer free - 52 pounds lighter and feeling better than I have in years.

Thank you to Dr.  Private  and his terrific staff!

Patients who wrote in to let us know their Miracle

AutoImmune - Several years back I developed an Auto Immune disease that attacked my nerves and arteries. This resulted in sharp pain throughout my body as it moved through my muscles and joints. After chemotherapy and years of a list of drugs, I still could not get a controllable handle on the pain.

I Know have completed 10 UBI treatments and have had considerable reduction in pain. I have been able to reduce my drugs to a minimum amount to prevent a relapse. I have more energy now and thank GOD for availability of this treatment." Executive Vice President of a major Contracting Co.

Herpes - I know how you feel believe me....I was in pain for so many, many years, I wasted a lot of tears on this virus crying all the time; herpes was in my daily thoughts; why me, I'm a good person...I kept repeating that to myself and crying alone....But I know now that I will be free of this virus, I will and so will you.
I don't get outbreaks as often and they are tiny ones now this one started and healed within 24 hours...!! Nothing I have ever tried worked like this. I am so happy.

Multiple Myeloma - I have the dual diseases of the Multiple Myeloma (bone cancer) and Amyloidosis (kidney disease). A couple of years ago I was made aware of a alternative treatment option referred to “Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation. At the time I decided against it….recently, since it looked like we were running out of other traditional options, I decided to consider this alternative treatment.

Up to this point I have shared this information with very few people as I didn’t want to get mine and other people’s hopes up. After almost 2 months of these treatments, I requested my oncologist to repeat all the tests I had done in early July. I wanted to see if these alternative treatments were actually doing something besides poking holes in me! I met with the oncologist on Monday to review the test results.

Without going into lot of medical jargon, the test results showed a significant improvement in both my cancer and kidney diseases! They were improved enough that my oncologist now says I do not need to pursue any new cancer treatments at this time. He was quite surprised at the improvement. He is not aware that I have been receiving these alternative treatments. Roy

Gout - My name is Andrew and I was diagnosed with gout by my physician. The pain in my foot was severe and made it difficult to walk, and at times difficult to sleep. Over the course of a couple of months my Doctor treated it with prednisone and this had some positive effects, but only temporarily. The next step was to see a specialist and go on a drug that lowered my uric acid. Instead I chose to try BPT. I was significantly better after my first treatment with 70% of the pain gone, and now after the second treatment all pain and redness is 99% alleviated. Andrew

Poison Ivy - I had suffered from allergies-most notably poison ivy eruptions-for years with my landscaping business. The Poison ivy outbreaks were so bad not even caladryl lotion would work on the blisters-I had to use Clorox. Since my first UBI treatment I have not had so much as a blister-much less an outbreak. Jack

Gangrene – Dr.’s were considering amputation. The man’s foot was near black from gangrene. We gave him 2 UBI treatments for each of 4 weeks and documented this with photos. The man’s foot completely healed. It was truly a medical miracle!

Cancer - I have had breast cancer for a few years. I started out with conventional treatment. A right mastectomy followed by chemo. I decided that I would no longer be willing to take any more chemo and I wanted to use alternative treatments. I noticed that my symptoms were worsening. I went in for a check-up and the cancer is now in my jaw, my brain, my lung, and my lymph nodes. I had heard about Health 1 Clinic from a friend. I started BPT treatments on Feb 12th along with a supplement. Usually my cancer markers only fluctuate by 5-10 points per month and in 2 weeks of treatment my markers dropped 69 points. I actually said to the staff “I think you are killing my cancer too fast!” I am very pleased with my progress Teresa

Allergies - I had extreme allergies to smoke, and a number of other things. If I was near any smoke or someone who had smoked, I could not breathe and lost my voice for several hours. Chocolate gave me a migraine headache. Caffeine and alcohol sent my nerves sky high. I was told to stay away from those things, which can be hard sometimes. I was told nothing could be done and "learn to live with it."

After only 3 Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation treatments, my allergies were cured! Someone was within five feet of me smoking and I didn't have an attack. I ate chocolate and had some wine and nothing happened! I had no reaction to them. It is wonderful to not have to wonder when my allergies are going to kick in.

Heart Problems (Tachycardia) - 20 yr old – my heart used to race up to 280 bpm and then I would pass out. This happened 3-4 times per day. Drugs worked but made me drowsy. With only 4 treatments of BPT my heart felt better, I was taken off of meds and it has been 6 months without an episode. - Ashley

Hodgkin’s lymphoma – The Doctors had given me a very poor prognosis. I started BPT treatments and supplements. My pain subsided and I have had more energy, greater appetite and an ability to sleep and resume some normal activities of life. – Melissa

High Cholesterol - “Although I was altering my diet I also decided to try BPT treatments. After 3 treatments (two months), I went from a cholesterol level of 233 down to 179. My triglycerides went from 415 to 111 with no medications.” Dave

Viral Cardiomyopath - Just a couple of months ago I had problems just walking around the mall. I would have to stop 4 times and rest just to go two blocks. I was told that 1/3 of patients having what I have get better, 1/3 stay the same and 1/3 get worse and there was nothing more that I could do. I had two UBI treatments at Health 1 Clinic and my, what a difference. I had a conference in New York last week and walked over two miles IN COLD WEATHER (something that I could not do.) I not only felt great, I am full of energy. Russ

Rash/Skin reaction – I was involved with plastics and inks in the place that I worked. After some time I developed a rash that would just not go away. Over the weekend it would subside a bit but then come right back as soon as I started to work. Dr.’s gave me a number of drugs and creams but nothing helped. I quit work but the rash on my face and neck continued. After trying everything I could for 5 YEARS I came in for a UBI treatment and in 1 treatment the rash disappeared… It was like a miracle. It has not come back for over 6 months now. Yoshie

Doctor’s Testimonies of UBI Success Stories

Rheumatoid arthritis & Asthma

Dr. Henry Barrett reported on 110 cases of UBI in 1940 (Medical Clinics of America, May, 1940) Most patients received one treatment-some as many as eight. He noted several patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis-these patients improved remarkably within a few hours. One case was of a patient suffering from serious bronchial asthma attacks for over four years. The patient was in the hospital, and despite medication, was having several asthma attacks per day. After one UBI treatment her doctor reported the next day that she had only one attack that day. After that she had 2-3 asthma episodes a week for 3 weeks. The attacks became fewer and fewer and became absent for months after a single treatment.

Barrett reported on his 110 cases:

1. No detrimental reactions from UBI.
2. Improvement is frequently immediate.
3. Increase in peripheral circulation (due to vasodilation).
4. Increase in oxygen combining power of the blood.
5. Inactivation of toxins in the blood.


Dr. Miley also reported on 6 patients with herpes zoster infection-"shingles". Infection was nullified to the point that the patients became asymptomatic with no relapses. In January, 1942, Dr. Miley made the following observations-(NY State Journal of Medicine, Jan.1, 1942). “The detoxification effect of ultraviolet is generally not known by the medical profession and certainly has not been emphasized enough. The inactivation of snake venoms and bacterial toxins are examples of what may be accomplished by ultraviolet. The increased of blood irradiated with ultraviolet to absorb oxygen has been demonstrated. As a rule, rather low dosages of externally applied ultraviolet radiations stimulate the general resistance of animals and human beings to infection."

Poison Ivy

I had suffered from allergies-most notably poison ivy eruptions-for years with my landscaping business. The Poison ivy outbreaks were so bad not even caladryl lotion would work on the blisters-I had to use Clorox. Since my first UBI treatment I have not had so much as a blister-much less an outbreak.

Malignant Melanoma

"D.P., a 30-year-old white male, was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of generalized malignant melanoma (a virulent form of skin cancer).

"Eleven years previous(ly), a malignant melanoma had been removed from his right upper arm. When admitted to the hospital by Dr. Olney, he had a tumor mass under the skin at the upper left chest just below the clavicle (collar bone). Excision and biopsy revealed that the malignant melanoma had returned. He quickly developed metastases (tumor spread) all over his body, and his abdomen became very large from tumor growth. He had difficulty in breathing, had a constant cough, and was obviously in serious condition. He was blue in the face, and cancer could be felt throughout his abdomen.

"The patient was given ultraviolet blood irradiation (UVBI) therapy immediately and approximately every three days for about one week and then weekly. Within three weeks, the large tumor mass in his right armpit had disappeared as well as a tumor on the right chest wall; the abdomen became definitely smaller, and the tumor masses much less palpable. At the end of six weeks of treatment, the patient had no difficulty in breathing; his right leg, which had been extremely swollen, was normal and free of pain; and the abdomen had returned to normal size with no fluid or tumor masses palpable."


A boy was brought to our medical clinic in Africa in the last stages of rabies. We had no medicines to help him and so decided to try the UBI machine that had been brought for out use. It was Sunday. He was foaming at the mouth, glazed eyes, fevered…classic symptoms. The first treatment immediately had calming effects and he was stable within hours. Two more treatments and four days later he walked out…totally cured.


In Russia, BT is used in conjunction with drugs, and the results have been published in Problemy Tuberkuleza, the leading Russian medical journal. Two groups were treated for TB, the first group with BT and drugs, the second group with drugs only. After three months, the first group was one hundred percent disease free as opposed to fifty eight percent for the second group.

There are published reports on its use in bacterial diseases, including septicemias, pneumonias, peritonitis, wound infections; viral infections including acute and chronic hepatitis, atypical pneumonias, poliomyelitis, encephalitis, mumps, measles, mononucleosis, and herpes; circulatory conditions including thrombophlebitis, peripheral vascular arterial disease, and diabetic ulcer; overwhelming toxemias, non-healing wounds and delayed union of fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, and a number of others (Barger & Knott, 1950).








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